Specialized production of new and recycled granules using complete equipment in advanced laboratories.

Guaranteeing the minimum physical and mechanical loss in the granulation process, producing a variety of uniform and high-quality granules to prevent the loss of product properties and quality in the production process.


Production of inflatable containers, water tanks, packaging containers, pipes and fittings and household appliances

The annual production capacity of Behdadplast complex is 10 thousand tons. which is available in 25 kg and jumbo bag packages.

Pipe grade polyethylene is actually a type of polymer alloy which base is heavy polyethylene. Its combination with black carbon creates a structure resistant to UV rays.

The high density and MFI of this polymer means high resistance

It is one of the types of granules of the polyethylene family, which is placed in the category of heavy inflatable polyethylenes.
Behdad Plast produces four types of inflatable polyethylene.
1. BL3 inflatable polyethylene: which is made of BL3 petrochemical powder.
2. Raga polyethylene body: It is produced from first-class recycled materials
3. Grade 2 inflatable polyethylene: All inflatable grades are produced from recycled materials.
4. EX5 polyethylene body: It is made from EX5 petrochemical powder and lumps.

application: In the production of water tanks, inflatable containers, multi-liter containers and polyethylene sheets

Heavy polyethylene granule is one of the first grades of polyethylene granule used in the plastic industry. This granule is a linear polymer consisting of ethylene obtained through a catalyst process. The molecular bonding in this type of HDPE granule grade is completely compact. This feature increases its density. Due to this feature, it is known as heavy polyethylene. The high density of this granule makes it tough and turbid.


Film granule or polyethylene film granule is one of the uses of polyethylene materials, which are generally divided into two categories: light polyethylene film and heavy film polyethylene. Due to its low price, good processability, high impact and chemical resistance, and electrical insulation, polyethylene has a wide range of applications and is mostly used in films that are used in packaging, as well as bags and food covers.


PP materials are generally divided into 2 categories. Homopolymer (textile PP) which is produced from the polymerization of propylene monomer and copolymer (chemical PP) which is produced from the polymerization of propylene along with ethylene comonomer.
Among the important features of polypropylene granule are low density (0.9-0.91 g/cm3), high transparency, resistance to environmental damage and high tensile strength. In addition, polypropylene has a high temperature resistance (melting temperature 170-160 degrees Celsius) and also has an acceptable chemical resistance against acids, bases and solvents.
Types of PP: Injected PP, fiber PP, inflatable PP are produced in Behdad Plast complex.
Manufacture of durable boxes, frames for video and audio devices, fishing nets, anti-rot nets, drinking liquid bottles, cable and wire covers, bottle and can and tank production, printing and graphic films and packaging sheets, water pipes and sewer pipes, bandages, sanitary cloths, curtain cloths, non-woven fabrics, all kinds of toys, luggage and plastic bags, medical devices that can be sterilized, caps and caps, household appliances, electronic appliances and electric and…

Behdad Plast Industrial Trading Group is ready to produce and supply all kinds of granules of the polyolefin family, including polyethylene and polypropylene, relying on specialized personnel in the polymer industry and laboratory equipment and continuous research and development.

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