HDPE CRP 100 is a type of polyethylene with the highest density and hardness compared to other types of polyethylene. This type of polyethylene is produced using advanced production technology called Simultaneous Injection, which is specifically designed for producing large diameter pipes with high pressure resistance.
HDPE CRP 100 has properties such as high resistance to shock and impact, high resistance to corrosion, high resistance to UV rays, and the ability to weld and bond with other materials. In addition, this type of polyethylene has a high density that allows it to withstand high pressure and weight.
HDPE CRP 100 pipes are mainly used for applications such as water and sewage transmission, gas, oil and chemicals. Due to their high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage, these pipes are suitable for use in harsh and high-risk conditions such as rural areas, mines, oil and gas industries, and environments with acidic soils.
Overall, HDPE PE 100 is known as one of the advanced and suitable polymers for special and industrial applications in the modern world
producer: Shazand complex , jam complex

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