Company Profile

Behdad Plast company holder of ISO 1002, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 as a leading manufacturer and producer
in the field of polymer compound such as PP, PE,… and also first and recycled plastic raw material has
been established in Tehran by Amir Sheikhi educated of polymer engineering in 2019.

Variety of products and capacity of production
Our cadre by 2 factories and separate producing lines could produce up to 14000 tons compound and
10000 ton granule which has been a leader brand in polymer industry.
Trading and exporting
Behdad Plast trading unit by holding on experience and specialty of its team and producing products
volume export more than 24 million dollars consolidation its place among neighbor countries like Iraq
and Afghanistan and trying to find its place among CIS countries.
Research and development
In the way of innovation and solving the challenges of producers, our engineering team is working
continuously by using of field and laboratories research.
Perspective and goals
to increase the capacity of production and supplying up to 50000 ton yearly and develop our export to
Europe and entrepreneurship for 500 people.


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